Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions
Invisible Wire Human Hair Extension - Rooted Golden Brown Naturyl Extensions

Remy Human Hair Invisible Wire Extension - Rooted Golden Brown

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Length & Weight 12 inch - 90g

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Are you longing for fuller, longer hair but hesitant about the commitment and potential damage of traditional extensions? Introducing our revolutionary rooted golden brown invisible wire extensions, designed to empower busy women like you to achieve instant volume and length in just 30 seconds, all while protecting your natural hair.

Experience the difference:

  • Luxurious Remy Human Hair: Crafted with ethically sourced Remy human hair, our extensions seamlessly blend with your natural locks for a natural and undetectable look. The Remy hair ensures the cuticles are aligned, preventing tangles and matting for a smooth, luxurious experience.
  • Instant Volume and Length: Forget spending hours styling or damaging your hair with heat tools. These extensions add instant volume and length, allowing you to achieve salon-worthy results in seconds.
  • Gentle and Secure: Unlike traditional extensions that use clips or glue, our invisible wire design is gentle on your scalp and hair. The wire is made from a comfortable, flexible material that conforms to your head shape without causing any pulling or discomfort.
  • Invisible Comfort: The ultra-thin, transparent wire blends seamlessly with your scalp, making the extensions virtually undetectable. No more worrying about embarrassing "extension peek-a-boos."
  • Customisable Fit: We understand that every head is unique. That's why our invisible wire extensions come with two different length wires (16cm and 18cm) to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for any head size.
  • Style Versatility: Get creative with your hair! These extensions can be curled, waved, and even coloured by your trusted hairstylist, allowing you to experiment with different styles without compromising the quality of your natural hair.
  • Quick and Easy Application: Designed for convenience, each set includes everything you need for effortless application: the Remy human hair extension, two invisible wires of varying lengths, and optional clips for added security.
  • Affordable Luxury: Enjoy top quality at a competitive price. Our rooted golden brown invisible wire extensions offer incredible value compared to other brands, allowing you to experience the luxury of longer, fuller hair without breaking the bank.

Additional Information:

  • Size Guide: Feeling unsure about the perfect length? Our comprehensive size guide provides detailed information to help you choose the ideal extensions for your needs.
  • Recommended Accessories: For an even more seamless experience, we recommend adding replacement invisible wires and a pintail comb to your order. Replacement wires ensure a consistently snug fit, while the comb helps with quick and easy application.
  • Limited-Time Offer: Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your hair! Claim your invisible wire extensions today and experience the difference for yourself.

Embrace the confidence and beauty of fuller, longer hair with our invisible wire extensions. Remember, beautiful hair shouldn't be a hassle. With this revolutionary product, achieving your dream hairstyle is just seconds away!

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What are Invisible Wire Extensions?

They are an amazing way to have long hair in an instant. They give the same effect as wearing a weft/wig without the fitting the cost and are easily removed without assistance.

How do they work?

The Invisible Wire Extension has a secret wire attached to each end. Once sized it’s like wearing an invisible hair band. The weft sits below the ridge at the back of your head to stay in place.

How long do they take to fit?

Literally one minute!

Do they come in only one size?

The Naturyl Invisible Wire Extension comes in one width. The extension is wider than others on the market so they fit perfectly around your face.

Will my Invisible Wire Extension fall out?

When sized correctly your extensions will sit snuggly and feel secure. We even have optional clips in case you feel a bit nervous at first. But please note these clips are not necessary. The Invisible Wire Extension fits perfectly when you fit it with the wire. 

How does the invisible wire not show?

It’s made of clear nylon so the colour of your hair will shine through the wire to make it less visible. Your own hair is combed over the wire so that it’s completely hidden.

Will the Invisible Wire Extension damage my hair?

No! The Naturyl Invisible Wire Extension is very safe. They cause no stress or pulling on your own hair.

What length of hair is suitable for Invisible Wire Hair Extensions?

All lengths are suitable for an Invisible Wire Extension. They work best with shoulder length hair.

Can I wear Invisible Wire extensions to bed?

It’s not advised. As you move around in your sleep the hair will rub and require more brushing.

What are the advantages of Invisible Wire extensions vs clip in extensions?

  • They are quicker to fit than several small pieces
  • They don’t need to be clipped in the same position each time
  • They will not slide on fine hair
  • They are much easier to hide
  • They are great for filling frazzled or thinning sides to your hair

What is the difference between Invisible Wire Extensions and a weave/weft?

They give the same effect as a hair weave. They don’t require a braid or track, to be able to be fitted.

Will Invisible Wire Extensions blend with my own hair?

As long as your own hair is the same colour as your Invisible Wire extension it should blend. It will be easier to blend long layered styles with a halo. than a short choppy blunt style. Lay your own hair over the the attached colour swatch we provide to see if it's a match first.

Can I wear my hair up with Invisible Wire Extension?

Invisible Wire Extensions work best with half up, half down styles. Some of your own hair always needs to be worn over the Halo. to hide it and weight it down.

Can I wear a ponytail with Invisible Wire extensions?

Yes, if you wear it low slung at the back.

Can I straighten my Invisible Wire Extension?

Yes, these extensions straighten really well. We recommend a low heat only, as the application of excessive heat will shorten their lifespan

Can I curl my Invisible Wire Extensions?

Yes, they can be curled and re straightened as required.

How do I choose my Invisible Wire Extension hair length?

  • If you have short layers or hair above your shoulder, a 12 inch extension will look great. You will be surprised at how long it will look as the Invisible Wire extension is worn low near the nape. 
  • If you’d like your Invisible Wire extension to be bust length, then go for the 16 inch length. This will look longer than you think. The ends of the extension should reach the bottom edge of your bra.
  • Our longest Invisible Wire extension is 18 inches. This will reach below your bust somewhere between your waist and the bottom of your bra.
  • If you are shorted than 5ft 2 avoid the longer length. 12 - 16 inch Invisible Wire hair extensions will look more natural on petite customers.

How do I colour match my hair?

You need to match the Invisible Wire extension to the ends of your hair. Do not match to the root of your hair.

Can I dye my Invisible Wire Extensions?

As your extension is made from 100% remy human hair, it is possible to dye it a shade darker. We suggest you take this to a reputable stylist for colouring.Remy Human Hair Invisible Wire Extension - Rooted Golden Brown

Please press the chat button at the bottom left of your screen and select the colour match option.

Courtney tries on our Straight Invisible Wire Extension