Colour Matching Made Easy: Finding the Perfect Extension Shade

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to achieve the length and volume you desire but achieving a seamless look hinge on one crucial factor: colour matching. The right hair extension shade can elevate your hairstyle and boost your confidence, while a mismatch can be jarring and detract from the overall look. Here are some hair extension colour tips.

Matching Your Hair Colour:

  1. Natural Hair Colour:

Before diving into specific shades, identifying your natural base colour is key. This refers to the colour of your hair closest to the roots, typically where you see minimal sun bleaching or colour treatment. Here are some tips to identify your base colour:

  • Look at your hair in natural light: Avoid artificial lighting that can alter the colour's true appearance.
  • Part your hair and examine the roots: This area shows the closest representation of your natural base colour.
  • Compare your hair to colour charts: Many hair colour charts online or at salons can help you identify your base shade.

Once you know your base colour, you can choose extensions that match your dominant hair colour. This is the most prevalent colour in your hair, usually seen throughout the mid-lengths and ends. It's important to consider any natural highlights or lowlights you may have for a more natural blend.

  2. Considering Hair Growth:

If your hair has grown out, you'll need to consider both your roots and current hair colour when choosing the shade of your extensions. Here are some options:

  • Match the extensions to your current hair colour: This is a good option if the colour difference between your roots and hair is minimal.
  • Choose two different shades: Opt for one shade that matches your roots and another that blends seamlessly with your current hair colour. This creates a more natural "balayage" effect, blurring the line between your natural hair and extensions.

  3. Naturyl Extensions' Colour Chart:

Naturyl Extensions offers a comprehensive colour chart showcasing a wide range of shades to help you find the perfect match. You can order these to your home and clip them onto your hair to get the perfect match before ordering the full extension.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shade:

      1. Natural Light is Key:

Always view your hair and the extensions in natural light, preferably near a window. This ensures the most accurate colour representation, as artificial lighting can skew the actual shades.

      2. Sunshine and Hair Colour:

Remember that natural hair colour can lighten slightly in the sun, especially at the ends. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, consider choosing a slightly darker shade for the extensions to compensate for potential lightening.

       3. Consulting a Hairstylist:

For colour-treated hair or if you're unsure about the best shade match, don't hesitate to consult a hairstylist. A professional can assess your hair colour, recommend the perfect shade of extensions, and even blend them seamlessly for a natural and flawless look.


Choosing the right shade of hair extensions requires careful consideration. By understanding your natural base colour, dominant hair colour, and any existing hair growth, you can narrow down your options significantly. Utilize Naturyl Extensions' colour match tester and remember that natural light is your best friend when colour matching. When in doubt, consult a hairstylist for expert advice and a professional touch.

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