What is Remy Hair

Remy human hair requires an extremely careful collection of hair from a hair donor. What makes this process different from other human hair collection is the unique cuticle preservation of Remy human hair. The unilateral direction of the cuticles in Remy hair means that every single hair follicle follows one single direction. This painstaking process of collection ensures that every strand of hair remains in the same direction as it did when it was growing naturally from the scalp.

This process is an expensive one and that is usually reflected in the higher price (another tell-tale sign of Remy hair). Although Remy human hair wigs are costly, we do believe they are investment pieces and are often considered the finest human hair on the market, so are well worth the price if you want to treat yourself to a long lasting and luxurious wig.

Why do we love Remy human hair?

As the hair cuticles all follow one single direction, the hair follicles remain undisturbed which allows the hair to be much more durable. Preserving the hair cuticles and aligning them in a unilateral direction accurately imitates a natural hair growth appearance so you have all the movement and swish style of natural locks. If the hair isn’t made in the Remy way, the cuticles often face multiple directions which means the hair is prone to tangling and can become difficult to keep smooth, especially when wet. The manufacturing process of Remy hair also means that the hair remains silky and shiny with a stroke-worthy softness.


Caring for your Remy extensions

If you choose to invest in a Remy human hair wig, it’s important to give it the TLC it deserves and care for it properly. There are a two simple rules to follow to give your Remy human hair extensions a long and happy life:

1) Always use a good brush or comb when combing or brushing your Remy hair as this prevents any strain on the hair cuticles. We suggest regular brushing to gently tease out any naturally occurring tangles caused by everyday wear.

2) In your hair extension care routine, we always advise using a good quality shampoo and conditioner, to preserve its silky softness and shine.

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